case study : Pressure washing website

Selfemployedme chose setsuna Team as its SEO partner and subsequently assisted in the rollout of SEO initiatives for their main site  and 5+ affiliated sites.. The program’s stated goal was to increase business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) online transactions by encouraging upcoming business owners in  US to use common knowledge and best practices . The theory behind this was that start-ups jump into something without having all the information available to them in one place.


Our Main Challenge

Since setsuna Team was the first attempt at search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing for the site, their success online was entirely up to us. All of these sites needed individual optimization strategies to help them rise in organic search rankings and, ultimately, generate more traffic and revenue.

Another difficulty was that Selfemployedme planned to cut off support for any of the sites that didn’t meet predetermined goals for both ranking and traffic within the first six months. Getting the strategy just right for each of the program’s many sites was challenging but crucial.

Our Strategy

After determining the desired positions and volume of visitors, the setsuna team went into high gear to begin working on all of the sites. These sites’ keyword strategies included going after a mixture of short-tail, mid-tail, and long-tail terms, taking into account factors like the sites’ individual abilities to rank for the terms, the audiences they’re trying to reach, and so on.

We began with a thorough audit to identify and address technical issues, and then we made recommendations and implemented key SEO changes on the sites, including modifications to META tags, URLs, Breadcrumbs, existing content optimization or addition of new content, internal keyword hyperlink within the content to improve internal value flow from page to page, etc., in accordance with the finalized keywords. Our plan was to boost traffic from both related keywords and brand terms by strengthening the keyword positioning and brand value of each site, respectively.

Due to the widespread lack of organization, we suggested revamping nearly every site’s architecture and adding user-friendly navigation. After the foundational SEO work was done, our expert link building team began analyzing the leading competitors for each keyword so that they could construct authoritative and trustworthy do-follow links to all the most crucial landing pages.

Processes Involved

  • Basic SEO Services
  • Regional Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Technical SEO

The Result

Within three months of launching the campaigns, the majority of the most valuable keywords had been moved to the first page thanks to our expert SEO services and quality link building activities. With the rise in ranks came an increase in organic search traffic to the sites, and by the second month of the campaigns, that traffic had risen to levels well beyond what had been predicted.  Setsuna Team assisted a couple of these companies in increasing their organic traffic by an average of 1,060 percent once their goals were met.