Case Study: Pressure Washing Youtube Growth


The case study focuses on the success of a YouTube channel growth using a social media management agency. In this case study, we will look at how a YouTube channel was able to gain significant traction with the help of Setsuna. We will also focus on how we helped the channel to find the right audience and how it utilized its social media strategies to drive more viewers and subscribers to the channel.


The YouTube channel in question was created in 2021 and it was dedicated to sharing creative and educational videos related to Pressure Washing. The channel was created by a business owner (Jim) who wanted to share his knowledge and experience with others and to promote his services. Initially, the channel had a small audience but was unable to gain any significant traction. After a few months, the YouTuber decided to hire a social media management agency to help her grow her channel.


We used a variety of strategies to help the YouTuber grow her channel. First, the agency identified the target audience for the channel and created content that was tailored to their interests. The agency also created a content calendar that was optimized for the target audience’s interests and preferences. Additionally, the agency created a comprehensive social media strategy that involved creating engaging content and regularly posting on sites such as Reddit. The agency also used SEO strategies to increase the visibility of the content on search engines.

In the first few weeks that followed, we optimized Jim's current content. We also asked him to provide unedited content that we could use for his future uploads.
As you can see the stats of the channel did improve slightly but not by a lot.  Since the CTR ( click-through-rate) was low of the videos that were uploaded and had missed the window of being seen again unless we could target a new audience.

Setsuna Youtube Case Study

Growth Phase

After about 6 weeks we had managed to grab the attention of a new audience and the channel went from getting <100k views per month to 600k per month. SEO took a while but it did pay off, the older videos did get views together with the newer videos that did have a higher CTR. The videos that were uploaded were not promotional but educational.

Cooldown Phase

After the initial growth we decided it was time to take the next step which was to probe what the intent was of this audience. Did they want see more educational videos or would it alright to also create content that would actively promote Jim's business ( Instead of just having the links in the general places, actually telling people to check it out) .


We did experiment for a few months and while the views were well below  compared to those amazing months in the Growth Phase it was still 200% higher than before. The amount of traffic that Jim got to his funnel was also increased by 560%.

We entered a new year at the end of the Cooldown Phase, which was great. We expected the channel impressions to rise with the new year, and we were correct. It was temporarily but it just gave us that little push that we needed to grow exponentially.

In Q1 we were noticed and found by potential clients that were interested in Jims content and services. During Q2 when there was actually need for those services, they came back to the channel watched more of his content and helped the channel grow exponentially, which led to more views, more subscribers and more clients for Jim's Pressure Washing Business.

The channel is currently getting around 2M monthly views with just over 50k genuinely interested subscribers of which 99% is from the area.


This case study shows that a social media management agency can be incredibly effective in helping a YouTube business channel grow. By using the right strategies and targeting the right audience, the agency was able to drive significant growth to the YouTuber’s channel. This case study also highlights the importance of creating engaging content and utilizing SEO strategies to increase visibility.

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